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myPOS Account

The FREE for a lifetime myPOS e-money account consolidates payments processed through all channels – in-store, online and mobile. Each accepted payment is instantly settled in the account and the funds are at your disposal immediately.

Equipped with a plenty of business reporting tools and value-added services,
myPOS account empowers you to run your business in a smart and cost-effective way. 24/7 access via the myPOS mobile app, allows you to keep track of your business performance and manage your POS devices, cards and profits.

Multi-currency account with free IBAN

Open accounts in different currencies and accept every payment. Make international bank transfers and send funds between own accounts with ease.

Instant access to funds from all channels

No matter how you are processing payments – through your device or online, the money arrives immediately in the myPOS account.

Cost-effective SEPA and SWIFT transfers

Make inexpensive SEPA and SWIFT transfers directly from the myPOS account and support your business expansion across Europe.

Profit from value-added services integrated in myPOS account
  • Earn additional income. Recharge prepaid services with Mobile Top-up
  • Build customer loyalty with Private Label GiftCards
  • Get paid from around the world with Payment Request
  • Accept MO/TO payments from your computer with Virtual Terminal
Save on excessive fees and manage your business in a smart way
  • FREE 5-minute account set-up
  • No monthly or annual service fees
  • No requirements for minimum turnover